BÖWE PremiumLine PERC

When developing the PremiumLine, we primarily had one issue in mind: The often limited space in dry cleaning shops. This is why these machines are available in two different design variants:

In the SlimLine version, the distillation is located behind the drum module, in the CrossLine, the distillation is located next to the drum module.
The PremiumLine PERC machines with 12 kg, 15 kg and 18 kg loading capacity are available as SlimLine and CrossLine versions, the PERC machines with 21 kg, 26 kg and 30 kg loading capacity are only available in the CrossLine version.

Ready for various kinds of use
The machines are available as a 3-tank-version and also with an optional second eco-filter and an additional carbon filter. Thus, you are extremely flexible, especially when cleaning different types of garments.


Even with special equipment like an emission free still rake out system or an optional adsorption unit SLIMSORBA, the machines remain very compact (insertion height of a SlimLine machine is < 2000 mm).

Easy maintenance

Only a machine that is well maintained is environmentally friendly. This is why we have made the rear wall of the drum easily accessible through inspection openings. Apart from that, the back plate of BÖWE machines is covered with a unique special coating, so that there will be hardly any lint clusters. The new water separator is self-cleaning and offers utmost comfort with maintenance by fully automatic maintenance programs. Thus, manual work is nearly not required. Distillation rake out is performed automatically and emission free, without the need to open the distillation. Furthermore, the solvent tanks are also self-cleaning thanks to a new tank geometry. Thus, smoother surfaces practically do not allow for any deposit anymore.

Comfortable control

The high-capacity control ConfoTronic PL offers a variety of possibilities for individual adjustment to various tasks and guarantees a safe, efficient and variable operation of the machine. The control can easily be updated by reading from a standard MMC or SD card.

BÖWE Direct Connect
With the BÖWE Direct Connect Software there is the possibility to work with the machine from a PC. You can retrieve daily, maintenance and operational reports locally or off-site and analyze them statistically. The system offers you and your service partner the cost effective and time saving remote diagnosis via telephone connection. Cleaning programs can easily be copied, edited, saved and loaded to PC or machine.


Results of scientific calculations and air flow simulations have lead to the newly designed recovery section. In cooperation with the dynamic cage perforation, the new recovery section increases the capacity of the PDS even further. Thus, the fast drying is supplemented by the attributes quiet and low-maintenance.

The BÖWE PremiumLine machines are equipped with variable speed drive and EBS®. Unbalanced loads are electronically adjusted during extraction, so partial loads maintain excellent cleaning and efficient extraction. The variable speed drive with its speed control provides for smooth cleaning, that can be individually adjusted for all types of garments.

The efficient eco-filter works with the proven multiple disc extraction technology. The filter system is monitored via the computer and pressure sensors and can be maintained easily and fully automatically. The robust safety trough is an impermeable barrier protecting the soil and ground water from solvent.

As an option to the standard equipment, the fully integrated adsorption unit SLIMSORBA produces garments free of odor and an exceptionally low residual concentration of solvent. If needed, desorption can be started by fully automatic maintenance programs.

Technical data

P12 P15 P18
Solvent Perchloroethylene
Loading capacity kg 12 15 18
Cage volume l 240 300 360
Cage diameter mm 820 820 820
Cage depth mm 460 570 680
Cleaning speed rpm 40 40 40
Extraction speed, max. rpm 500 500 500
Tank (filling capacity)
Tank I l 110 130 155
Tank II l 70 85 100
Tank III l 90 90 90
Filling volume l 120 120 120
Extraction filter
Filter surface m2 2.7 2.7 2.7
Filter volume l 40 40 40
Cartridge filter (option)
Filter volume l 15 15 15
Machine measurements
Width (Slim-/CrossLine) mm 1,080/1,840 1,080/1,840 1,080/1,840
Width entry measurement (SlimLine) mm 930 930 930
Depth (Slim-/CrossLine) mm 2,165/1,410 2,165/1,410 2,275/1,540
Height entry measurement mm 1,995 1,995 1,995
Height installed mm 2,260 2,260 2,260
Without solvent (Slim-/CrossLine) kg 1,140/1,240 1,240/1,340 1,340/1,440
Floor surface (Slim-/CrossLine) m2 2.3/2.5 2.3/2.5 2.4/2.6

* with SLIMSORBA, 2 spin filters and 1 cartridge filter
Technical changes and error reserved.

P21 P26 P30
Solvent Perchloroethylene
Loading capacity kg / lb 21 / 46 26 / 57 30 / 66
Cage volume l 420 520 600
Cage diameter mm 1000 1000 1000
Cage depth mm 535 665 770
Cleaning speed rpm 35 35 35
Extraction speed rpm 500 500 500
Low level l 52.5 65 75
High level l 105 130 150
Tank (loading capacity)
Tank I l 200 225 250
Tank II l 125 140 155
Tank III l 200 225 250
Spin filters l 75 75 75
Distillation l 220 220 220
Machine measurements (with safety trough)
Width mm 2,200 2,200 2,200
Depth mm 1,500 1,630 1,735
Height (without cartridge filter) mm 2,180 2,180 2,180
Height (with cartridge filter) mm 2,340 2,340 2,340
Surface m2 3.3 3.6 3.8
Entry measurements
Depth mm 1,500 1,630 1,735
Height mm 2,130 2,130 2,130
Weight ** kg 2,025 2,175 2,325

** with SLIMSORBA, 2 spin filters and 2 cartridge filters
Technical changes and error reserved.

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