The connected loads, dimensions and weights can be found in the installation instructions for the respective BÖWE dry cleaning machine. However, these are only approximate values, as weights and dimensions vary depending on the design. Please contact us for binding values.

To obtain prices and offers for a BÖWE dry cleaning machine in Germany, please contact our sales partners in Germany. You will find them in the website section Service -> Service and sales partners. There you will find the dealer in your region, whom you can contact directly.
To obtain prices and offers for a BÖWE dry cleaning machine abroad, please contact the sales department of the BÖWE Textile Cleaning GmbH. Please use our contact form and send us your inquiry. We will then forward your inquiry to the responsible dealer worldwide, who will contact you.

You can find our service technicians in Germany under the website section Service -> Service and sales partners. There you will find the service technician from your region and can contact him directly.
For international services please contact the service department of BÖWE Textile Cleaning GmbH. Please use our service inquiry form for this purpose. It will be processed immediately or forwarded to a service technician worldwide who will contact you.

Spare parts can be ordered via the BÖWE webshop www.bowe-webshop.com, at our spare parts department or by contacting our local dealers and customer services.

BÖWE dry cleaning machines have an average service life of 25 years, consume very little energy and require very little maintenance. The company has an excellent service reputation and offers environmentally friendly machines which, compared to equivalent machines from other manufacturers, cost less over the entire life of the machine. In 75 years of continuous development, BÖWE has become a leading manufacturer of dry cleaning machines worldwide.

A dry cleaning machine life is expressed in years, from the time of purchase to the time of replacement. BÖWE dry cleaning machines stand for quality and experience shows that they have a service life of around 25 years.

BÖWE Multisolvent® machines run smoothly with Kreussler’s K4 solvent. Only the software of the machine has to be adapted to the solvent. As an option, the textiles can be ventilated after drying by means of a valve in conjunction with the loading door ventilation, thus reducing the inherent odour of K4.

BÖWE PremiumLine machines work with many alternative solvents. Thanks to efficient drying, round air ducts, dynamic drum perforation and cataphoretic coatings, a BÖWE M machine is suitable for using all solvents that are lighter than water. The BÖWE iLine Multisolvent® dry cleaning machines can also use all alternative solvents. The solvents HC, GreenEarth®, Sensene, Intense and Higlo are frequently used. Conversion to another solvent only requires a software update, without mechanical modifications.

Yes! BÖWE Textile Cleaning GmbH is the only manufacturer of dry cleaning machines offering a conversion kit for converting a BÖWE PERC dry cleaning machine into a BÖWE Multisolvent® dry cleaning machine.

We have made the effort and have shown the difference in figures. The solvent comparison table in our Factbook provides information about which solvent is better suited for which application. However, we would like to invite you to our showroom ACADEMY in Sasbach in the Black Forest, where all solvents can be tested.