When developing the PremiumLine, we paid attention to the often limited space in dry cleaning shops. This is why our PremiumLine MULTISOLVENT® machines are available in two different versions: SlimLine and CrossLine.

The SlimLine version has the distillation behind the drum module, in the CrossLine version the distillation is located next to the drum module. The insertion height of a SlimLine machine is less than 2000mm.

The PremiumLine MULTISOLVENT® machines are available with loading capacities of 12 kg, 15 kg, 18 kg, 21 kg, 26 kg und 30 kg. While the M12, M15 und M18 machines are available as Slim or CrossLine versions, the M21, M26 and M30 models are only available in the CrossLine version.

One machine – many solvent options

Due to the special design of BÖWE MULTISOLVENT® machines and the freely programmable computer control, it is possible to use the latest class A III chlorine-free solvents with a flash point above 55°C, which are lighter than water (e.g. HC, GreenEarth®, K4, Sensene, Intense, Higlo, etc.), in the machine.

PremiumLine MULTISOLVENT® machines do not need mechanical conversions, but only a software update to change over from one alternative solvent to another. By simply changing the software settings, all functions and processes are adjusted to the solvent chosen.

With the P2M kit, a BÖWE PERC machine can be converted to a BÖWE MULTISOLVENT® machine.


Comfort and efficiency during loading and unloading

Remote maintenance via
Direct Connect | SPS control

Efficient and fast drying through dynamic airflow drying system

Self-cleaning solvent tanks,
automatic maintenance for distillation, spin filter, water separator, etc.

8 years warranty
on complete condenser and housing, stainless steel pipes, Viton® flaps and brass fittings

Spraymatic pump with Viton® seals
Regulates the dosage from 50-150 ml

Condenser with Viton® flaps
8 years parts warranty!

Stainless steel air duct -
quiet and fast drying time

Lint filter and button trap basket - easy access, easy maintenance

Self-cleaning, round water separator

Round distillation

Stainless steel pipes with Conex screw connection
8 years warranty!

Liquid level sensors

Low maintenance due to the
special surface coating
low residue in tanks, etc.

Outstanding characteristics

An issue that is often kept quiet when it comes to biodegradable solvents is one that we at BÖWE can also handle: odour formation. In order to optimally separate water or low-boiling liquids from the solvents and thus practically eliminate the formation of odour, a fractional distillation and a multistage automatic water separation are indispensable. These features are of course included as standard on all BÖWE MULTISOLVENT® machines.

Especially when cleaning with high-boiling solvents, drying of the garments is of utmost importance. The BÖWE Power Drying System has been further optimized by the new aerodynamic recovery section in the 6th generation. With this system you will achieve excellent drying results and unbeatably short cycle times. You will also notice the impact of gentle drying on cleaning results and the feel of garments, which will make ironing easier.

The ConfoTronic PL control offers a wide range of possibilities for individual adjustment to various tasks and guarantees a safe, efficient, and variable operation of the machine. The control can be easily updated by reading from a standard MMC or SD card.

IMS – what does that mean? These are automatic maintenance and multi-maintenance programs that bundle maintenance steps and intelligently have them run simultaneously. The machine shows when maintenance is required and certain maintenance cycles, like e.g. filter maintenance, are performed without any manual interference. But don’t worry: The machine only makes maintenance suggestions. Of course, you decide yourself when maintenance is performed.

We have increased the extraction speed of the MULTISOLVENT® machines. Extraction is now done at a speed of up to 600 rpm. The BÖWE MULTISOLVENT® machines are equipped with a variable speed drive and Electronic Balancing System (EBS®) as standard. So imbalances during extraction are avoided electronically. You can perform extraction without any problems, even if the machine is not fully loaded. The variable speed drive with its infinitely variable speed control provides a gentle cleaning cycle that can be individually adjusted for any type of garments.

In order to guarantee safety, even with potentially flammable solvents, multiple independent safety arrangements have been integrated into all BÖWE MULTISOLVENT® machines. These safety devices guarantee 100 % safety, even if several unfavorable events should coincide.

Technical data

M12 M15 M18 M21 M26 M30
Drum volume L 240 300 360 420 520 600
Loading capacity kg / lb 12 / 27 15 / 33 18 / 40 21 / 46 26 / 57 30 / 66
Solvent tank 1 L 110 130 155 200 225 250
Solvent tank 2 L 70 85 100 125 140 155
Solvent tank 3 L 90 90 90 200 225 250
Eco Extraction filter discs 17 discs 17 discs 17 discs 33 discs 33 discs 33 discs

Electric heating

Steam heating
M12 M15 M18 M21 M26 M30
Width SlimLine mm 1076 1076 1076
Insertion width SlimLine mm 935 935 935
Depth SlimLine mm 2165 2165 2275
Width CrossLine mm 1840 1840 1840 2200 2200 2200
Depth CrossLine mm 1410 1410 1540 1500 1735 1735
Height (depending on the configuration) mm 2280
Insertion height mm 1995 1995 1995 2130 2130 2130
Machine weight (without solvent) kg / lb 1155 / 2546 1255 / 2767 1355 / 2987 2025 / 4465 2175 / 4795 2325 / 5005

Further convincing technology

BÖWE dry cleaning machines, technologically and functionally sophisticated



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