BÖWE Second-hand machines

Second-hand dry cleaning machines from BÖWE can be purchased here:

List of second-hand machines

Ziermann GmbH
Lochmatt 1a
D-77880 Sasbach

Phone: +49 (0)7841 / 6002 – 100
Fax: +49 (0)7841 / 6002 – 130
Internet: www.ziermann.com
E-Mail: info@ziermann.com

All second hand machines are reconditioned!

The following components are checked and replaced:

Gaskets for tanks, button traps, water separators & distillation
Bearings and slide rings for the pumps
Filter bags and discs
Steam traps and valves
Paintwork on the rear of the machine in “BÖWE Silver”
Replacement of the activ carbon inside the solvent recovery system (i.e. slimsorba, consorba, polysorba)

All machines are tested thoroughly on the test bed under real conditions. This ensures that all machines are delivered in an excellent condition to customers all over the world.

Each machines comes with an extensive test protocol and all documents including installation manual, operationg manual, spare parts catalogue, wiring diagram and diagnostic list for the control!