BÖWE Tumble Dryers

Technology, reliability and efficiency

BÖWE has developed a wide range of tumble dryers that prepare garments for the final folding.
Its robust construction, the stainless steel reversing drum, the possibility of using different heating options and the multiple programming options allow you to find the best solution for each drying process. In the AQUEOUS© version, the tumble dryers are equipped with axial dynamic drum and heat recovery system. The loading capacity ranges from 11 to 75 kg load weight.

  • robust, insulated front panel

  • dynamic (axial/radial) stainless steel drum

  • reversing drum action

  • DryTronic control with progressive cooling phase

  • iDry

  • large drawer lint filter

  • double door glass

  • electric, steam or gas heating

Optional: AQUEOUS© heat recovery system and stainless steel front panels

40% energy saving

Save up to 40% of energy with the AQUEOUS© air recycling models

Lint filter

Drawer lint filter: New, large drawer lint filter

Technical data

1:20 in kg
in l
Loading door Ø mmElectric heating kWSteam consumption kg/hGas heating power
Air exhaust Ø mm
11SB-11 TP221057412.5516.5020.51200
13.5SB-14 TP226957418.6724.5020.51200
17SB-17 TP233057418.6724.5020.51200
23SB-23 TP246057424.9732.5031200
27.5SB-28 TP255080231.1540.5041200
33SB-33 TP266080237.1548.5041200
45SB-45 TP2896107055.9072.9060300
60SB-60 TP21202135574.2596.9090300
75SB-75 TP21500169574.6597.10120300

SB-11 TP2SB-14 TP2SB-17 TP2SB-23 TP2SB-28 TP2SB-33 TP2SB-45 TP2SB-60 TP2SB-75 TP2
(W in mm)
(D in mm)
(H in mm)
Height centre door (L in mm)976976976103010401040127512751275
Net machine weight (kg)172180187210230260395529657
Packing dimension (mm, WxDxH)865x940x1840865x1074x1840865x1210x1840970x1345x19401065x1154x20801065x1310x20801330x1185x21501330x1445x21501330x1705x2150
Gross packaging weight (kg)180190200230260285430575715


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