BÖWE – 75 years of experience and quality

A company with tradition

In 1945, after the end of the Second World War, Max Böhler and Ferdinand Weber founded the company BÖWE, which was initially called Böhler und Weber.

Born out of necessity

When the Messerschmitt AG was closed, Böhler and Weber were also affected. In a cowshed in the district Pfersee of Augsburg, they produced at first various everyday items from army goods that were urgently needed after the war. Allegedly also cooking pots out of steel helmets.


Frank Ziermann
Frank ZiermannCompany owner & MD

The realisation of an idea

As a supplier for various cleaning companies the idea arose of developing and building their own cleaning machines. In 1950 Böhler and Weber presented the first chemical cleaning machine for garments.

An entrepreneurial success story started. Until today, BÖWE supplies customers all over the world with innovative, high-quality machines. Benefit from our dry cleaning machines which are based on more than 75 years of experience. Innovative ideas and constant further developments still characterize the company and have made it famous throughout the world.

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Further milestones in the BÖWE history

2000: Introduction of BÖWE Direct Connect and EBS® (Electric Balancing System)
Online machine management; terminal software for local connection of the dry cleaning machine with a PC/laptop or for online service
2001: Introduction of the MultiSolvent® machine K25 (HC/GreenEarth/Rynex)
2002: Introduction of the P12/P15 with Power Drying System
2003: Introduction of the 6th generation
2004: Introduction of the PremiumLine M12/M15/M18
2005: Introduction of the PremiumLine P12/P15/P18 and 60th anniversary of BÖWE
2006: Presentation of the StarLine PX und KX, Introduction of the SuperDry PDS+ for the PremiumLine
2007: Presentation of the InduLine
2010: SAP implementation and move to the Black Forest, Acquisition by Ziermann Holding GmbH

1989: Market launch of the 5th generation dry cleaning machines

  • Solvent emission has been significantly reduced in these machines
  • Merger of BÖWE Reinigungtechnik GmbH and PASSAT Maschinenbau GmbH to BÖWE-PASSAT Reinigungs- und Wäschereitechnik GmbH

1990: BÖWE presented the machines of the 5th generation at the fair in Frankfurt
1992: Introduction of the double-drum washing machine, flatwork ironer and dry cleaning machine P5.100

  • During the ENTEX 92 in Paris BÖWE-PASSAT introduced the Ultratandem 45, a double-drum washing machine with modular design, the new ironer “SETRA” and the dry cleaning machine P5.100, an easy to use machine of the 5th generation with 50 kg loading capacity
  • Establishment of the subsidiary BÖWE-PASSAT Espana in Barcelona and other subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland and Canada

1994: Presentation of the first BÖWE hydrocarbon machine K540, the compact cleaning machines P240 and P300 as well as the wash street Archimedia 2000
1995: 50th anniversary of BÖWE; Presentation of the hydrocarbon compact machine K16
1996: Introduction of the hydrocarbon machine K25
1999: Presentation of the first CO2 machine

1978: Presentation of the 4th generation of dry cleaning machines

  • During the 6th IWC in Frankfurt a new era in dry cleaning started with the 4th generation of dry cleaning machines with closed drying cycle
  • Foundation of the subsidiary in the USA

1980: Start of production of dry cleaning machines in the USA

  • 4,000th delivery of Mitsubishi BÖWE dry cleaning machine by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from Japan
  • The first BÖWE 402 Duosol for cleaning and washing was presented at the Entex in Paris

1982: Machines with refrigeration and heating technology

  • New dry cleaning machines with integrated refrigeration and heating technology were presented at the “Laundry & Cleaning” in Birmingham

1986: Purchase of the PASSAT group (laundry technology) and renaming into BÖWE PASSAT

  • The PASSAT group consisted of the companies PASSAT/Heilbronn, VOSS/Sarstedt, POESGEN and SULZMANN/Steinheim as well as FRISTA/FRIEDRICH Stahl Marbach
  • Establishment of the subsidiary BÖWE MAC Italia

1987: Establishment of a new subsidiary in France
1988: BÖWE signed the second license agreement with the People’s Republic of China and BÖWE signed a joint venture agreement with the company Blesk from the Soviet Union.

1967: Coat, leather cleaning and industrial machines in the program

  • Development and production of continuous textile finishing units
  • License agreements with the Soviet Union and Australia
  • Development and production of a unit for continuous textile finishing of woven and knitted fabric panels in PERC

1968: New generation of dry cleaning machines
1969: Construction of CFC machines which operate under vacuum
1970: Moving into the new plant in Haunstetter street

  • Moving from the Memminger street to the Haunstetter street in Augsburg
  • 100,000 sqm of factory premises
  • 32,000 sqm of production area

1971: Foundation of the subsidiary Permac U.K.

  • First delivery of drum machines for carpet yarn wool
  • The subsidiary Permac U.K. was founded in London

1972: 20,000th dry cleaning machine was delivered
1973: Dry cleaning machines in modular system were developed (Permac R314)
1974: Production sector environmental technology was added

  • Foundation of the production department for environmental technology
  • Development of new specific cleaning processes (Intensol) for industrial textiles
  • The 2nd generation of units for the continuous treatment of knitwear was launched

1975: New generation of CFC machines
1977: Böhler & Weber KG was renamed to BÖWE Maschinen-Fabrik GmbH

  • Development of a new continue unit of the type “Contisol”

1952: BÖWE exhibited the first PERC dry cleaning machine at the trade fair in Paris
1954: Irons were included in the program
1960: Solvent-activated carbon systems were added to the range

  • The solvent-activated carbon unit ACTIVA for the recovery led to a significant reduction of the solvent consumption

1961: Steam generators and textile finishing machines were added to the range
1962: BÖWE sold the 5,000th dry cleaning machine
1966: BÖWE sold the 10,000th dry cleaning machine

  • License agreement with Mitsubishi Jeavy Industries, Japan
  • Cleaning machines for hydrofluorocarbons have been developed

1945: After the end of the Second World War, Max Böhler and Ferdinand Weber founded the company BÖWE, which was initially called Böhler und Weber.


Max Böhler                               Ferdinand Weber

Dry cleaning machines from 75 years of BÖWE