BÖWE Inspiring Solutions

Industrial supplementary products for your laundry and dry cleaning shop

BÖWE Water softener

Save time and money with BÖWE water softeners. Available with cabinet housing or as single or double unit.

  • Softening of water up to maximum 30 °dH

  • Corrosion-resistant GfK pressure bottle with high-quality ion exchange resin

  • Separately standing salt tank for brine supply

  • Computer-controlled valve

  • Quantity control

  • Easy to maintain

BÖWE Compressors

A clean and stable compressed air supply is essential for every dry cleaning shop. BÖWE offers different compressor sizes – also with refrigeration dryer and automatic condensate drain.

  • Suitable for continuous operation

  • Ready assembled cooling and monitoring devices

  • Intensive residual heat exchange through copper high-performance aftercoolers

  • Long valve service life thanks to low-wear and friction-free tongue valves

  • Low reprocessing effort

  • With oil filling as standard

  • Low-noise compressed air supply with KO25-50

BÖWE Water collecting system

The BÖWE water collecting system is suitable for storing the cooling water from your dry cleaning machine and stores it for transfer to your wet cleaning machine. In this way, very little energy is consumed and you can save expensive water costs.

  • High-quality plastic tank with cover for reduced algae growth

  • Volume: 1000 L

  • Very space saving

  • Water pump

  • Control box

  • Floating switch

  • Stainless steel pipes and connections between tank and water pump

Optional: Additional tank with 1000 L and pipe connections

BÖWE Water chiller

The BÖWE water chillers are used to cool the cooling water of the dry cleaning machines in a closed system. In many locations, the use of a cooling tower is not possible or the use of drinking water for cooling purposes is prohibited.

  • Completely closed water cooling system for dry cleaning machines

  • Air-cooled chiller

  • Inlet temperature: 12°C

  • Outlet temperature: 7°C

  • With integrated cooling system

  • Use of high quality components such as Copeland compressor, Danfoss expansion valve and electrical components from Schneider

BÖWE Water purifiers

For the safe separation of solvents bound in water

BÖWE Steam generator

With the new electric steam generator series, BÖWE offers low-maintenance and compact systems for the highest demands of the dry cleaning industry.

  • Electric steam generator with 8 liters stainless steel tank, 24 and 62 litres optionally in stainless steel

  • Boiler with electronic control

  • Integrated water pump in all models and stainless steel water tank in SB5 and SB15 models

  • Water solenoid valve with filter

  • Steam solenoid valve in Viton

  • Ergonomic iron with teflon shoe

  • 2nd solenoid valve for the iron

  • Steam/air gun

Optional: Blow down tank

BÖWE Hydro extractor

For mechanical reduction of residual moisture

  • Cover and drum in stainless steel

  • Timer for 15 min spin cycle

  • Automatic drum brake

  • Security system for door opening

  • Anchoring to the floor is required

  • Floating drum and motor

  • Spinning speed 1500 rpm

BÖWE Vacuum units

BÖWE vacuum units ensure a strong vacuum on presses, ironing and spotting tables in your company. The vacuum units are offered for 1 to max. 20 machines, so that an optimal solution can be found for each application-specific case.

  • Designed as silent model for installation in working areas

  • Maintenance-free

  • No vibrations

  • Ready-to-connect delivery

  • No floor mounting required and therefore flexible in rooms with limited space

BÖWE Bagging solutions

Flexibility in dry cleaning shops and laundries – The BÖWE bagging solutions are available as floor, wall or L-sealers units and are equipped with manual, pneumatic or semi-automatic control.

  • Height adjustable

  • Length of the film can be adjusted exactly to the garment to be packed

  • Especially suitable for PE films


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