Impress your customers with pressed shirts

In Europe, about 92% of shirts are currently inflated on shirt finishers. In contrast, almost all shirts were pressed in the 1960s and 1970s. But what has contributed to this change?

On the European continent, the influence of Italian and French designers has greatly changed shirt fashion in the past decades. Business shirts have become more individualised, for example with fashionable sew-ins or figure-hugging cuts. In non-European markets, on the other hand, the standard business shirt has not undergone any major fashion changes. For this reason, the majority of shirts are still pressed today, especially in Asia, the USA and the United Kingdom.

Justifiably, prejudices against pressing shirts have grown in the minds of Europeans. Buttons broke, dark shirts could develop shiny spots and fashionable shirts were more difficult to work with.

BÖWE has addressed this situation in the Corona year 2020 and developed a new shirt press model in cooperation with the company Sankosha – the BÖWE SP-20.

With a completely new approach, the above-mentioned disadvantages of the shirt press have been taken up.

Outstanding features of the new BÖWE shirt press:
  • Shoulder and front press plates are Teflon coated
    • no shiny spots on black shirts
    • better sliding properties of the textiles
  • Press plate in the front area to press the button placket and the breast pocket visible to the customer
  • No hand finisher iron necessary
    • Energy saving and less heat in the room
  • Large shoulder press with extension for pressing the back shirt seam
  • Low connected load of the machine
    • Energy saving
  • Low noise
  • Without a burst of steam
    • Energy saving, less moisture in the room and no noise by steam injection
  • Cycle time: 23 seconds –> higher productivity

The working height was limited to 150 cm for ergonomic reasons. This makes it easier for the operators to work on this machine and is more comfortable for the body. The bust size has been adapted to the new requirements of the market and is now significantly smaller than before in order to also process narrow shirts. The cuff pleat press on the sleeves has been removed to save energy but also to eliminate the risk of burns.

The cover system has been revised and provided with a strong silicone over which molton and the top cover are placed. In the BÖWE rental system, a cover system consisting of molton and top cover is free of charge every 40,000 pressings. This guarantees constant pressing quality and button protection.

Convince yourself of the shirt press BÖWE SP-20 in our showroom!

Left: Mr. Ehrenböck, Rosenheim and Mr. Kraft from BÖWE
Right: Mr. Bergmann, Münster and Ms. Tripp from BÖWE