On 20th and 21st September 2019, the BÖWE open house took place for the third time in Sasbach, Germany.

The event focused on the latest developments in the fields of dry cleaning, laundry and finishing technology. In the BÖWE showrooms, visitors and service technicians had the opportunity to inform themselves about the current state of development of various machine series. At the same time, they were also able to convince themselves of the high standard of the inspiring solution products such as water purifiers, compressors, water softener systems, water collecting systems, etc.

As a supplement to these products, Matthias Koller from the company Clean>it from Austria presented his latest version of the all-in-one software, which serves as a complete solution for dry cleaners and launderers.

In the newly furnished steam boiler room of the company BÖWE, the company JUMAG was represented and spoke about high-end solutions. As further exhibitors we had the pleasure to welcome the companies BÜFA, CRA Technology, Miele, Richard Geiss, Sankosha, Kreussler, Christeyns, Safechem and Seitz as well as the global umbrella organisation of professional textile care, the CINET.

BÖWE used the open house to exhibit its high-quality packaging solutions for the textile care sector. The idea of offering silk paper-fitted packaging in various sizes arose from the demand of the worldwide network and received a positive response.

Furthermore, the application areas of industrial textile cleaning machines were demonstrated to the visitors. For this purpose, BÖWE collected various materials over a period of months, ranging from working gloves, cleaning rags and aircraft seat covers to special animal skins from all over the world.

The topic of economic efficiency was also not neglected during the two days. In order to serve as a role model, the company has permanently switched all lights to LED. The aim is to show how considerable electricity costs can be reduced in a dry cleaning company. To demonstrate this, there was an energy bicycle at the event which sports enthusiasts could use to experience the savings potential of LED lighting for themselves.

A visitor survey on the appearance of the open house has shown a very positive feedback. The visitors were especially pleased with the warm welcome, the new products presented, the informative conversations, the organization and the rich hospitality.

The next BÖWE open house will take place again in two years.

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