The dry cleaning Hammer in Luxembourg is sold. On May 1st, 2020 the traditional dry cleaning has found a new owner. Founded by Fred Hammer and managed by his son Claude Hammer since 1989, the dry cleaning shop has become well known beyond Luxembourg’s borders. Now the former employee Ana Maria Freira, who started working in this company at the age of 15, has taken over the dry cleaning. In more than 30 years of professional experience, expert knowledge could be imparted and every step of the work could be learned. But continuing as before was not the approach.

First, investments were made in new machinery and equipment, the company switched from oil to electric heating, the cooling tower was removed and the old installation eliminated. BÖWE’s vacuum and blowing ironing board with LED lighting, pneumatic height adjustment and autostart function of the suction is one of the new acquisitions. The unit is self-sufficient, switches off immediately when not in use and is therefore particularly energy-saving.

Since curtains are an important pillar of the company, a large flat ironing board with a width of 180 cm was also bought. At a further station a steam brush is used to shape the curtain by hand. “This is where our quality is produced”, says the new owner.

A new electrically heated BÖWE dry cleaning machine with a capacity of 26 kg, complete equipment, three tanks, two spin filters, low-level sensors and fractional distillation with two self-cleaning water separators was also installed. Due to the Multisolvent version, the machine can be converted to any alternative solvent at any time without any mechanical work. This gives the new owner a lot of certainty for the future.

The preheated water of the dry cleaning machine is collected in the 1000 l high tank and is completely used in the 16 kg or 20 kg washing machine with liquid dosing pumps. After present state of the art it is not possible to save resources more economically.