Special process developed by BÖWE to combat COVID-19 and to offer an even better hygiene in the dry cleaning industry

During the Corona Pandemic, the topic of hygiene was the subject of much public discussion and debate – as was the case in the textile care industry. Dangerous viruses such as SARS, bird flu and swine flu have always been appearing worldwide and especially often in China.

Already five years ago, the Chinese government addressed BÖWE with a request for disinfectant dry cleaning. Back then, we developed and implemented a concept which is still highly relevant today. An initial consideration: Ozone, UV or a biocide alone do not give any chance to realize an antiseptic dry cleaning. Instead, solutions must be created for every critical area of the machine. If only a single textile in the machine is contaminated with the virus, it can be rinsed off with the solvent and get stuck somewhere in the machine.

BÖWE has therefore developed a combined process. All germs that are rinsed off the fabric in a dry cleaning machine are led through an extremely large UV source in the liquid. Here, the genetic structure of the germs will get destroyed, they can no longer reproduce and die. Additionally, the machine is equipped with cataphoresis coated water separators, tanks and cage housings. These components are regularly and automatically rinsed so that nothing can get stuck here. Finally, a fine biocide spray mist is spread over the fabrics to ensure the complete elimination of any residual germs. The result of this combined process is a germ reduction of 10-6, which is unprecedented in the industry. Disinfecting dry cleaning is therefore possible with such a procedure today, this can also be proven. For comparison: With the solvent alone, a maximum germ reduction of 10-2 is possible.