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Visit at BÖWE from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


The BÖWE team was honoured to welcome the customer Narta Dry Cleaning from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia during their stay in Sasbach on 3 April and 4 April 2017.
The owner Mrs. Manda travelled with the whole family to Germany accepting the invitation from BÖWE to make a test and sample cleaning session.
In the unique worldwide showroom for dry cleaning machines, they got the opportunity to clean the selected and traditional garments they brought along with them.
These garments where cleaned in BÖWE Dry cleaning machines taking into consideration 8 different solvents options available to suit best the cleaning results and help customers make the purchase discussion after a practical test.

Beside the business it was also a great occasion for the Mongolian guests to take part to excursions and spend some time to admire the regional specialties the Black forest offers.

Briefly It was a successful and interesting visit for Narta Dry Cleaning and BÖWE!