SENSENEThe new solvent SENSENE™ was tested and certified in a BÖWE PremiumLine M30 in the BÖWE Showroom. Due to the generous dimensions of all our drycleaning machines we remained  with 24.7% far below the lower explosion limit LEL. SENSENE™ combines excellent oil and fat-solubilization properties due to its lipophilic groups with the ability to dissolve polar materials due to its hydrophilic groups. The cleaning effect for garments with SENSENE has the highest cleaning capacity of all alternative solvents.

No mechanical modifications are required for the use of SENSENE™ in our Multisolvent dry cleaning machines. The solvent properties in combination with BÖWE Super Dry technology (dynamic drum, rounded air duct & cathaphoresic coatings) make the textiles dry faster reducing further the machine cycle times. The permission of Safechem has been granted to BÖWE.

PDF SENSENE certificate

We carried out extensive tests with SENSNE™ and investigated the cleaning capabilities.

>>Test results<<

Technical data:

Trade NameSENSENE™
CategoryModified Alcohol
Boiling Point (°C)180
Flashpoint (°C)65
Vapour pressure Pa @ 20°C54
Density (g/cm³)0,84
Solubility in waterlow
KB value161
Drying temperature drum inlet (°C)65
Time cleaning cycle (min)62-70
Care labelnone
LEL (Vol%)0,6
UEL (Vol%)7,0
Dyn. Viskosity (mPas)13,81
Surface tension (mN/cm)25,0
Auto ignition temperature (°C)165